Limited Edition Cold-Cast Bronze Statues

by Ron Tunison

Elizabeth Thorn Cold-Cast Bronze Statues Limited Regular Edition of 1500 by Ron Tunison

Elizabeth Thorn Cold-Cast Bronze Statues Limited Edition of 500 by Ron Tunison

Regular Edition (only 1500)
Plus $15. shipping/handling


**Special Edition (only 500)
Plus $15. shipping/handling

**Special edition includes a piece of brick from the Evergreen Cemetery Gatehouse,
the home of Elizabeth Thorn during the Battle of Gettysburg
Approximate Sizes - 6" Diameter hardwood base, 11" tall ~
All proceeds benefit Gettysburg Civil War Women's Memorial

Collectors Take Note!
A hot-cast edition is available
upon request
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Gettysburg Heroes Print Series #2
Elizabeth Thorn

Elizabeth Thorn , Print. #2 in the Gettysburg Hero Series

Limited edition print of 1000 by Don Rinehart.
Image size 12" x 8" on an acid-free 20" x 16" print, signed and numbered.
$30.00 plus $5.00 shipping and handling.
All proceeds benefit the Gettysburg Civil War Women's Memorial.
*This is a third generation photo and does not represent the true quality of the print.

The first in a series of four Gettysburg Heroes Prints

1946 Baseball Hall of Fame inductee, 1913 World Series MVP Eddie Plank

does not
quality of
and print

"Gettysburg Eddie" Limited Edition Print

The Evergreen Cemetery and Gettysburg Civil War Women's Memorial associations are proud to honor the accomplishments of Gettysburg's most famous son, Edward S. Plank. The "Gettyburg Eddie" print, celebrating the 100th anniversary of Eddie Plank's rookie season with the Athletics, is the first release from the "Gettysburg Heroes" limited edition print series. The four-color print of the pastel artwork by Don Rinehart measures 16" x 20" on acid-free paper. The print, based on the famous 1910-tobacco card photo, also includes Eddie's teams and statistics.
Cost of the print is
Please add $5.00 for shipping and handling.
The print will be shipped in an extra sturdy 4" tube.
Please make your check payable to:
Evergreen Cemetery/G. C. W. W. M.
799 Baltimore Street,
Gettysburg, PA 17325.
Thank you for helping to celebrate the career of Eddie Plank
while enhancing the cemetery where he is buried.

Thank you!

Brian A. Kennell
Evergreen Cemetery Superintendent
Gettysburg Civil War Women's Memorial, President
Philadelphia Athletics Historical Society member
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