Views Towards the "RoundTops"

Contrary to popular belief, the Evergreen Cemetery has many remaining lots available for purchase. It has been estimated that the cemetery has another 100 years of sales available. There are many attractive areas available with different price ranges for full burial, cremation burial, or aboveground burial. The cemetery has a Veterans' Section where veterans can be buried with their family members.
There are sites still available in original sections of the cemetery close to the gatehouse and close to where Abraham Lincoln gave his Gettysburg Address. Since the cemetery is located on the highest ground in the town, scenic views of the Round Tops are visible from the southwest areas in the original cemetery.

The Evergreen Cemetery is a non-profit cemetery that operates from current revenues. The cemetery is in the forefront of making sure the perpetual care fund is adequate to handle the financial responsibilities of the future. By law, a cemetery must invest 15% of a lot sale into an endowment fund. The Evergreen Cemetery Association invests between 30% - 40% of a lot sale into its perpetual care fund. The Board of Trustees is committed to the cemetery's future by investing more money so the cemetery may be maintained to the highest standards.
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Monuments, Mausoleums, and Markers

Arthur Kennell

On January 25, 1999, the Evergreen Cemetery Association Board of Directors voted unanimously to offer monument services to the lotholders of the Evergreen Cemetery. This decision was one of the most important decisions made in the cemetery's history. It allows the cemetery to offer better services at lower costs.

Arthur Kennell, the seventh superintendent in the cemetery's history, was chosen to be the cemetery's sales representative. He has over twenty years experience in the business and can give the lotholder a sound recommendation on what type of monument best suits the lotholder's wishes and needs. His experience as the superintendent of the cemetery will also be insightful to the lotholder. Certain styles of more expensive monuments do not hold up well in a cemetery due to trees, weather, and routine maintenance. He will give the lotholder a caretaker's perspective on a monument purchase and what will be best for the longevity of the memorial. The cemetery will be offering the best grade of stone for monuments, namely Barre Guild granite from Vermont.

Monies gained by the sale of monuments and lettering services will help the cemetery maintain the standard it has set over the years. It will allow the board of trustees to appropriate increased funding for: tree plantings and care, flower gardens and shrubbery, road maintenance, maintenance to the historic Evergreen Cemetery gatehouse and repairs to old and deteriorating monuments. Monuments are not the property of the Evergreen Cemetery, but the cemetery naturally assumes responsibility of repairing them if descendents of the lotholders are no longer living. We have been extremely fortunate to date, but a serious act of vandalism would be at the cemetery's expense.

We hope that you will strongly consider our services whenever they may be needed. Your decision to do so will allow us to serve you in the utmost professional way that would benefit your needs while greatly enhancing the future of the Evergreen Cemetery.

Please telephone us at 717-334-4121, or email us, if you have any questions about markers, monuments, mausoleums, monument engraving and monument cleaning. We offer all of these services to our lotholders at the best prices available.

Thank you for your concern about the future of our cemetery.

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