Edward McPherson
1830 - 1895
Republican member of the United States House of Representatives from 1859-1863. Later served as clerk of the House of Representatives for an unprecedented 16 years. Original commander of Company K, 1st Pennsylvania Reserves. A portion of the first day's fighting occurred on his property west of town.

Mary Virginia Wade
1843 - 1863

The only civilian killed during the Battle of Gettysburg. Her third and final resting-place became Evergreen Cemetery in November of 1865. The monument erected in 1900 by the Iowa Women's Relief Corps replaced her original tombstone. A flag flies twenty-four hours a day at her grave - the most visited site in Evergreen Cemetery.

Rev. Michael Jacobs
Professor of Science and Mathematics
Pennsylvania College
1808 - 1871

Published one of the first concise histories of the Battle of Gettysburg. Known for his love of nature and his scientific experiments, Jacobs kept detailed weather records beginning in 1839, thus giving historians the best reference for weather conditions at the Battle of Gettysburg. Helped to perfect the process of canning fruits and vegetables.

William David Holtzworth
Battlefield Guide
1843 - 1891

A twice-wounded Civil War veteran who became one of the first battlefield guides. His knowledge of the battle was widely respected and he spent many of his winters lecturing throughout the states. Among his guests on the battlefield were Presidents Grant, Hayes and Cleveland; Generals Meade, Sheridan, Sherman, Hancock, Sickles, Warren, Slocum, Gregg, Hooker, Crawford and Longstreet (seated in the above photo).

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