With the caretaker as their guide, visitors to the Evergreen Cemetery have a chance for a guided tour of Gettysburg's most historic cemetery. Brian Kennell, superintendent and author of the The Official Evergreen Cemetery Guide, will take you on a 90 minute trip through history where you will see the gravesites of Gettysburg's most notable people and hear their stories.
Visitors will see the future site of the Gettysburg Civil War Women's Memorial and will also get a chance to go inside the original gatehouse when they visit the
McConaughy History Room. This is the best walking tour offered in Gettysburg and the only walking tour where all the proceeds benefit preservation.

Evergreen Cemetery
Historical Walking Tours
(for groups of ten or more)
799 Baltimore St.
Gettysburg, PA 17325

For group tours, please contact Brian Kennell at 717-334-4121 or email: ever@cvn.net

Daily Group Walking Tours By Reservations Please!


All proceeds benefit the
Evergreen Cemetery Association.


"Who builds stronger than a mason, a shipwright, or a carpenter?…a
gravemaker. The houses he makes lasts till doomsday."
William Shakespeare
Hamlet, Act. V. i

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